Health club memberships too expensive? Club swinging exercises with ExerClubs™ provide individuals young and old (including athletes) a fun and exciting way to improve core stability, efficiency and upper body strength. Club swinging greatly enhances the toning of muscles, is a great cardio workout and excellent exercise to rehabilitate injuries… in the comfort of your own home. Discover what was once old but is now new again and join the millions of club swinging practitioners worldwide in this popularl strength and conditioning phenomena.

The advantages gained by the proper use of Dumb-Bells and Indian Clubs are too well appreciated to be disputed. Both of these simple implements of exercise have been in constant use for years, and still hold a prominent place among the methods of Gymnastic training. The principle objects for which they are designed may be briefly summed up: They strengthen the muscles of the arms, and, incidentally, those of the body and legs; they expand the chest and induce full and regular respiration; they impart firmness of balance and grace of motion. The Indian Clubs are the most effective for giving grace, ease, and accuracy of movement, and, when skillfully used, they present a very attractive appearance.
Excerpted from: Dick's Indian-Club Exercises by William Brisbane Dick, published 1887

History of Indian Clubs

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"…The wonderful club exercise is one of the most effectual kinds of athletic training known anywhere… The exercise is in great repute among the native soldiery, police, and others, whose caste renders them liable to emergencies where great strength of muscle is desirable." Excerpted from INDIAN CLUBS, by C.R. Treat, 1869, in The Riverside Magazine For Young People

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Build strong, powerful forearms and greatly improve your grip with ExerClubs™ training… Quick! Develop stronger flexor and extensor muscles with ExerClubs™… the ultimate upper body workout tool. Club swinging will invariably tone your biceps, triceps, back, pecs, shoulders and even your abs. Now it's easier than ever get the strong, lean body you always wanted, right from your home, or, take your ExerClubs™ virtually anywhere to workout.

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